Create Websites for Any Device
Responsive Web Design

In today’s world, people do not just use their personal computers to connect to the Web. It has started being more common, and far easier, to visit websites using a smartphone or a tablet device. As a result, it is important for developers now to learn how to create websites that can be seen on any device.

Responsive Web Design
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Course Duration

15 - 21 Days


Code & Design Review, Project


Course Content


HTML (3 Days)

What is Markup Language
Basic Structure of HTML
Head Section and Elements of Head Section
Meta Tags
Css Tags
Script Tag
Table Tag
Div Tag
Header Tags
Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags
Anchor Links and Named Anchors
Image Tag
Iframe Tag
Form Tag
Attributes of Form
POST and GET Method
Fieldset and Legend
Text input, Text area
Checkbox and Radio Button
Dropdown, List and Optgroup
File Upload and Hidden Fields
Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button
Creating a Live Website Form
HTML Validators

CSS (2 Days)

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
Types of CSS o CSS Selectors
Universal Selector
ID Selector
Tag Selector
Class Selector
Attribute Selector
CSS Properties
Type Properties
Background Properties
Block Properties
Box Properties
List Properties
Border Properties
Form Designing

Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap (3 Days)

Introduction to Responsive Design
Mobile first design concepts
Common device dimensions
View-port tag
Using css media queries
Menu conversion script
Basic Custom Layout
Introduction to Bootstrap
Installation of Bootstrap
Grid System
Icons Integration
Using CSS3 in Practical Layout

Web Hosting (2 Days)

Web Hosting Basics
Registering domains
Defining Name Servers
Using Control Panel
Creating Emails in Cpanel
Using FTP Client
Maintaining a Website


Intern Project (5 Days)

Student has to design a responsive website and publish it online.