Cloud / Server Maintenance

Delgon Technologies Offers Robust & Quality Web Hosting Services To Businesses Based In India & Abroad, & Helps Clients In Achieving Simple To Complex Website Maintenance Activities.

Hosting Services

Delgon Technologies Offers Robust & Quality Web Hosting Services To Businesses Based In India & Abroad. Our Dynamic & Custom Web Hosting Packages Allows Individuals & Organizations To Have A Vibrant & Potential Online Presence. We Have Tied - Up With Reliable Server - Space Providers In US To Provide Each Client Reliable & Flexible Web Hosting Services.

Our End - To - End Web Hosting Services Allow For Single Page Hosting & Development Of Complex Sites, That Need Database Support & Application Development Platforms (E.G. : PHP, Java, Ruby On Rails, Coldfusion, (Or) ASP.NET).

We Focus On The Key Aspects Of Web Hosting Services : Availability & Uptime. We Ensure That Each Website Hosted On Our Servers Is Publicly Accessible & Reachable All Through The Year. We Have Different Web Hosting Packages That Suit All Categories Of Individual Users & Meet In The Total Each Business Needs & Expectations.

Free Web Hosting : Hosting Services Are Offered For Free. However, This Allows For Posting Of Advertisements Of Our Products, Services & Of Third Parties.

Shared Hosting : You Can Place Your Website Along With Others Websites On The Same Server. Useful For Individuals & Small Businesses Which May Not Require Any Major Software & Updates.

Reseller Hosting : You Can Become Your Own Hosting Company With Ownership Of A Virtual Dedicated Server. Here, You Have The Benefit To Host Your Own Sites On The Server, As Well As Host Others Sites Also On Your Server.

Dedicated Hosting Service : Here, You Get Your Own Web Server & Will Gain Full Control Over It (User Has Root Access For Linux / Administrator Access For Windows).

Managed Hosting Service : You Will Get Your Own Web Server, But You Are Not Allowed To Have Full Control Over It (User Is Denied Root Access For Linux / Administrator Access For Windows).

Cloud Hosting : It Is Now The Latest Trend In Hosting Services. Cloud Hosting Is Preferred For Its Galore Of Benefits : Scalability, Reliability, Security & Affordability. Hardware Issues, Power Interruptions & Natural Disasters Can Be Truly Avoided With Cloud Hosting.

Delgon Technologies Hosting Services Are Compatible With A Variety Of Popular Content Management Systems (CMS) & Shopping Carts. We Have Expertise In Wordpress Hosting, Dot Net Nuke Hosting, Drupal & Joomla Hosting. Each CMS Hosting Package Enables Your Business To Leverage On Dynamic Web Presence & Powerful Online Applications.

Website Maintanance

Delgon Technologies Helps Clients In Achieving Simple To Complex Website Maintenance Activities. We Help You To Focus On Your Core Work & Outsource Your Website Maintenance To Us. Our Dedicated Web Maintenance Team Helps You With Design, Development, Implementation & Testing Updates Of Any Size At Your Site.

Web Updates Are Done On A Day - To - Day Basis, Few Others Are Done On Periodical Basis & Few Others Are Of Immediate / Urgent Nature. Our Portfolio Of Web Maintenance Services Include :

  • Text & Image Updates
  • Functionality Updates
  • Update Styling Elements
  • Announcements

Website Maintenance Is A Continuous Activity, May It Be Uploading Images (Or) Update Of Functionalities. Finally, The Purpose Of Keeping The Website Fresh & Updated Has To Be Served. A Vital Point, Website Maintenance Also Helps To Keep Your Website In The Forefront Of Search Listings & Stand Apart From The Competitor Sites.

We Offer Website Maintenance On A Short - Term & Long - Term Basis. Usually, A Website Maintenance Contract Lasts For One Year (Date To Date). However, Clients Can Opt For The Monthly Maintenance Package, Where The Charges Are Based On The Size Of The Website, & Complexity Of Functionalities That Are To Be Maintained.

As Per The Website Maintenance Contract, We Allow For Redesigning Web Pages, Adding, Deleting & Editing Graphics On The Web Pages. If New Pages Need To Be Added To The Existing Website, Charges Will Apply. Website Maintenance Calls For Sustained Relationships & Long - Term Collaborative Partnerships.

Main Functions Of Our Website Maintenance Team Include :

  • Regular Updates Beyond Maintenance.
  • Clean Up & Maintain Websites That We Did Not Even Create.
  • Perform Website Software Patches & Upgrades For You For Software Like Wordpress & Joomla.
  • Resize & Optimize Images For Your Website.